Ever have trouble shopping for your crafty friend? No worries, I got you covered! I’m here to help you find a gift for a scrapbooker, crafter, or card maker. I wasn’t able to list all of the pricing (since they change over time), but I will say that most of the items are in the $15-20 range (with only a couple in the $40-50 range). Enjoy!


#1. Funny Crafting Shirt

Want to give a funny gift for your beloved crafting friend? There are a ton of funny shirts like this one made for scrapbookers that says: “Be Nice or I’ll Crop You Out”. Get it? “Crop you out!” 😉 Cafe Press has a bunch of ‘crafty sayings’ that can be applied to shirts or totes, and even has lots of color options to choose from!



#2. Crafting Mug

Similar to the funny crafting shirt above, you can also get a super cute mug. I personally can never have too many mugs, and welcome them with open arms. This mug here (which says “Crafting Makes Everything Better”) is like my motto in life 😉 and I’m loving the mint green accent!



#3. Felt Letter Board

Sometimes being a crafter means being creative, even in areas outside of the craft room. Felt letter boards are a great way to both express your creativity and spice up the decor of a room. I personally like to change my letter board every couple of weeks to say something clever or funny. I get all of my felt letter boards from Felt Good Vibes because they come in great colors, shapes, and sizes. And I even like to add cute little accessories, which can be found at the next item below.

To make things even better, they also have a gifting service called Lettergram, which allows you to send a completely personalized board with a special message written by you, styled by them, and delivered right to your recipient. It’s like a card and present all in one!


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I had the honor of working with @feltgoodvibes in making this promo video for their new service, Lettergram, a card and present all in one. ✨ You can send a completely personalized board with a special message written by you, styled by them, and delivered right to your gift recipient. This is such an awesome gift idea and is perfect to send for birthdays, celebrations, or just because. Who would you send something like this to? I’m thinking of asking my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids with these letterboards, how cute would that be? Also, can we talk about this paper iPad and how I thought it was only going to take a couple of hours to create? I’ll need to create iPad only videos from now on just so I can get as many uses as possible out of it, haha. Just kidding…but kinda serious 🤣 . . . . . #Feltgoodvibes #feltletterboards #messageboard #quoteoftheday #letterboards #letterboard #letterboardquotes #lettersign #lettersigns #letterboardlove #feltboardstory #feltletterboard #galswhocreat3 #stopmotion #papercraft #cricut #giftservice #giftideas #personalizedgifts #customgifts #housewarmingpresent #homesweethome #papercrafters #paperlove #paperartist

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#4. Felt Board Accessories

As mentioned above, I like to have little accessories to really add a magical touch to my letter boards. I get all of my accessories from A Peace of Creativity’s Etsy shop because she always has super cute designs and adds glitter to everything (which let’s be honest, I can never have too much glitter)



#5. Happy Jig Tool


When I first saw this, it looked like too much fun to pass up! This tool basically allows you to bend wire to create shapes and even script lettering to add to scrapbooking, card-making, and even planner projects. Heck, I think they’d even be cool to make for any gifts that you want to add personalization to. It comes with a peg board, pegs, some colored wire, wire cutters, and even an organization compartment. Perfect for adding that extra touch of personalization!




#6. Nuvo Drops

These have probably been one of my favorite products to play around with this year. The Nuvo Drops come in a wide range of colors (including shimmer/glitter), and can be added to any project to add a little dimension and oomph! There are 2 ways to work with them: 1) they can be dispensed into droplets to make little flat-back bead-like embellishments, or 2) they can be added directly on a project for some extra gloss or dimension.



#7. Glitter Brush Pens

Add shimmering glitter to any project with the Wink of Stella glitter pens. They come in 13 colors, but you really can’t go wrong with the clear glitter.



#8. Gem Pickup Tool

Anyone who uses sequins or rhinestones can attest to how much of a pain it is to pick them up and place them in the exact spot that they need to be placed. Not to worry friends, cause the Marvy Jewel Picker is here to save the day. It has 2 ends for different sizes and works perfectly for tiny little embellishments that need to be placed.



#9. Glimmer Paste

This stuff is awesome for adding dimensional glimmer to a project. I personally like using it with a stencil, or even on top of patterned paper which makes it look like a glitter cardstock. My favorite color is ‘moonstone’ which is more of a clear iridescent, but all of the colors are so pretty!



#10. Embossing Glitter

I’m positive my crafting went to the next level when I switched from adding loose glitter, to adding heat embossed glitter to a project. The results are just so impeccable and they make my cards look like they could have been bought (coming to a store near you). The WOW embossing glitters are so beautiful and they have a ton of colors. I am really loving the Unicorn Magic (that one’s a given), Vintage Champagne, Midas Touch, and Cupid.



#11. Metallic Washi Tape 
I just realized that everything in the ‘Embellishment’ list is either glittery, shimmery, or sparkly. So we may as well continue the trend with metallic foil washi tape! Now every crafter has to have washi tape in their arsenal, but they may not have any foil ones. This washi tape set has so much fun gold and silver going on, that they would work well with so many projects!



Paper Goods

#12. Solid Color Cardstock

Solid color cardstock is probably one of the safest gifts you can get for a crafter as it’s always needed. I think every scrapbooker, crafter, and card maker can agree that there’s no such thing as having too much paper. In fact, I have paper coming out of my ears and yet I still have to buy paper at least once a week to work on a specific project (since I don’t have the precise color that I need). Luckily, cardstock is sold in big stacks like these so I can grab up a bunch of colors that are complementary to one another.



#13. Patterned Cardstock

Similar to solid cardstock, I could never say ‘no’ to more paper. I love patterned paper because it adds such a nice polish to my projects. Pretty much any colorful patterned paper works in my book, but I absolutely love the patterned papers from Pink Paisley like their Hello Sunshine collection. Tell me these pages aren’t drop dead gorgeous!



#14. Coloring Book

Coloring books have been a fave of mine looooong before adult coloring became a thing. And while I’m not saying that to pretend that I started a trend or anything (cause I didn’t), I’m saying this to point out that these days the coloring options for adults are so much better than they used to be. They have some for relaxation, some for intricate design work, and even some elegant magical ones like this Lost Ocean book. Whichever type of coloring book you choose, your crafting friend will be so pleased to get their coloring on.




#15. Distress Oxide Inks

The Distress Oxide Inks are probably one of the most versatile inks on the market – making crafters all around ’swoon’ in delight! They can be used for stamping, embossing, watercoloring and even ‘smooshing’ (yeah, I’m not even going to explain that one here). Did I also mention that they blend like butter, come in a wide range of colors, and react amazingly well to water? (So that’s where the term ‘oxide’ comes from!)



#16. Distress Inks

You’re not seeing double – Distress Inks are the sister to the (listed above) Distress Oxide Inks. While very similar, the Distress Inks differ in that they’re more translucent than the Oxides, and their colors are a bit more vibrant. One of the most notable differences is that the Distress Inks come in a mini size, so you could try 4 mini Distress Ink colors for a smidge more than the cost of 1 Distress Oxide.



#17. Watercolor Confections

Prima Marketing’s Watercolor Confections are bite-sized paints and look so nummy, that you’ll almost want to eat them…but please don’t, there are indeed paints after all! These watercolor paints are highly pigmented, artist-grade level, and come in a pan of 12 colors (I love the Tropical color set the most!) And because they’re bite-sized, they’re perfect for painting on the go!



#18. Metallic Watercolor Accents

If you’re already a fan of how watercolor looks, you’re going to swoon over the look of metallic watercolor paints. While these paints are not pigmented enough to use as a stand-alone paint, they look ah-mazing when layered on top of regular watercolor as an accent. If you did want more pigment, you could definitely also mix them with regular watercolor paints.



Pens & Pencils

#19. Wax-Based Color Pencils

Color pencils are one of my favorite mediums. They aren’t as expensive as a lot of the artist markers out there, and they aren’t as intimidating as paints can sometimes be (I mean, we all colored as kids, right?) When I stumbled upon wax-based color pencils, it completely changed the game for me. Wax-based pencils, like the ones here from Arteza, can be layered and blended out to make beautiful artwork, or even used with stamping. At a bare minimum, they can always be used with coloring books. 😉



#20. Brush Pens

I can’t even talk about pens without bringing up Tombow, which is one of my all-time favorite brands when it comes to pens. Their dual brush pens are nothing less than remarkable, and they have so many great qualities that I’d rather list them than talk about them.

  • Dual tip: a fine tip for line work, and a brush tip for bold strokes
  • Color range: They have almost 100 colors and can be purchased in sets of complementary colors.
  • Many uses: great for hand lettering/modern calligraphy, water coloring, illustrations, and journaling
  • Blendable: colors can be blended with one another, and most sets come with a blending pen to give that watercolor effect.
  • Non-bleeding and odorless
  • Self-cleaning: Even when blending colors on top of one another, the tips can be cleaned by just doing a few strokes on a clean piece of paper.



#21. White Gel Pen

There was a time in life when gel pens were all the rage. And though I’ve *mostly* stopped using the millions of colors they come in, I still use my white gel pen all the time. They work so well on colored or black paper, they look amazing on envelopes, and they even make great little accents to my coloring and hand lettering.




#22. Teflon Bone Folder

Bone folders are a must-needed tool for card makers and scrapbookers, as it ensures a perfect fold line in all sorts of projects. And even though this bone folder may look ordinary, do not be fooled by its appearance. This is the latest and greatest of all bone folders! What makes it so great? Well, first of all, it’s made of Teflon which means it doesn’t leave burnishing or ‘shine’ marks on paper like all of the other bone folders do. Second of all, it has 2 sides: one pointy side for scoring and one flat side for burnishing. And last but not least, it’s a bigger size than most, making it easier to control.



#23. Mini Snips Scissors

This might sound silly to say cause they are just scissors, but anyone who gets a pair of scissors from Tim Holtz knows they are getting the best of the best. These Mini Snips are titanium with a micro-serrated edge, which basically means that they are a beast when it comes to cutting. And on top of that, they have a comfortable ‘kushgrip’, which translated on their website means ‘making your hands smile’.



#24. Clear-Cut Punch: Circle

No matter how good someone is at hand-cutting, it is nearly impossible to get a perfectly cut circle (mine always come out looking like octagons for some reason). Thankfully there are a handful of tools to help a sista’ out, like the Clear-Cut Circle Punch from We R Memory Keepers. This hand-held tool even has a transparent guide system which allows it to cut 2-inch circles perfectly every time!



#25. Envelope Address Stencil

There is nothing worse than messing up the spacing of the address on an envelope, after already sealing it! Ok, so maybe I’m being over-dramatic. But if someone is into hand-lettering or calligraphy, then I know they feel my pain. Luckily someone was smart enough to come up with a stencil template for this. Whoever you are out there…thank you!



#26. Envelope Punch Board

While we’re on the subject of envelopes, wouldn’t it be great to make your own cute envelopes instead of throwing away money to buy expensive cute envelopes? And don’t even say ‘just put it in a plain white envelope’ cause that’s not even a possibility for me. When I found this envelope punch board, the world of envelope possibilities opened wide. You can use any paper you have to make your own custom envelopes. Plus there’s even a punch included to give round/square corners for that super professional look!



#27. Photo Sleeve Fuse Tool

This is such a great tool (makes a great gift for a scrapbooker) which allows you to fuse specific sections on a photo sleeve. With this fuse tool, you can create pockets, waterfall picture holders, or even compartments for keepsakes. Since it’s kind of hard to explain, I definitely recommend watching the video below. The possibilities with this are endless!




#28. Magnetic Pickup Tool

This magnetic pickup tool from Spellbinders is great for any crafter who works with small metal trinkets. This would work well for:

  • scrapbookers or card makers who use metal dies
  • sewers who need to find needles or pins
  • journalers/planners to catch their paper clips and binder clips



Workspace Essentials

#29. Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Every crafter wants to protect their dining room table (ahem) I mean, work surface. There are typically 2 ways to go about this:


  1. The first way is to use a self-healing cutting mat, which just as it sounds, doesn’t show any cut marks when using straight or rotary blades on the surface. And while they’re great to cut on, they also make great general-purpose work surfaces.
  2. The second way is to use a craft mat, which I explain in more detail below.



#30. Craft Mat

Similar to the cutting mat above, a craft mat protects your projects from your work surface (or is it the other way around???) But the differences in the craft mat over the cutting mat are pretty substantial:

  • Non-stick and re-usable: This makes them great for any projects that require glue or messy mediums like paints, inks, or clay.
  • Heat-resistant: This makes it great to use for heat embossing, iron-on transfers, or even a hot glue gun.
  • Portable: Since it’s flexible, it can be rolled up and stashed in a bag. I always have one in my craft bag to take to card-making classes or crops. (‘Crops’ are social gatherings to work on projects together)



#31. Scoring Board

Achieve perfect and crisp folds with a scoring board for all crafting, scrapbooking, and card-making projects. At 12” x 12”, this board is a nice size, and even has markings on a few of the grooves to ensure you’ve lined up your score lines correctly.



#32. Paper Trimmer

Every crafter needs to own at least 1 paper trimmer. Who wants to use scissors, when you can get a perfectly straight cut with a paper trimmer. I love this paper trimmer because it is probably one of the best on the market. It has a thin wire so you can see exactly where the blade will cut. And it even has a swivel swing-out ruler, so it can cut larger sizes of paper without taking up too much space.



#33. Trim and Score Board

1 tool, 2 purposes. This is a paper trimmer and scoring board all in one, which is a nice space saver. And while the standalone scoring board and paper trimmers are better in terms of precision, the combination Trim and Score is great to take to classes and crops.




#34. The Table Tidy

“No that’s ok, I don’t need any more table space” – said no crafter, ever!

And that’s exactly why The Table Tidy is absolutely genius! It clips to the edge of any table and provides a nice compartment for space-taking crafting supplies. With a reinforced bottom, this is perfect for storing pens, brushes, scissors, and whatever else to your heart’s content. I personally use mine to put all of my adhesives in, cause while I need my adhesives around a lot, I don’t really like them taking up my table space!



#35. Project Storage Box

I would be such a hyper-focused crafter if I only worked on 1 project at a time. But like most crafters, we have at least 3 happening on our craft table, and another 17 happening in our heads. And while there is no storage solution for the ones in our heads, there is a storage solution for the ones happening on our craft table. These storage boxes from ArtBin are perfect to place incomplete projects in. They are clear, which lets you see the contents of your storage box. And they’re pretty roomy, which allows them to fit most of an incomplete project.



#36. Washi Tape Organizer

I don’t care what kind of crafter you are or buying for, but every crafter needs washi tape in their life. If you already do, then you definitely need some type of storage solution. Enter this amazing washi tape organizer! It’s clear so you can see exactly what’s inside, and it can even hold up to 45 rolls of washi tape. As an added bonus the compartments are adjustable so that if you don’t have 45 rolls of washi, you can fit other supplies in there.



#37. Bead & Sequin Organizer

This organizer is great for any teeny tiny crafting supplies, and has many boast-able (is that even a word?) features:

  • It has 78 containers which are clear for easy viewing
  • The containers are removable, which means they can be taken out for project needs
  • The trays are stackable
  • The organizer comes with labels for easy identification
  • Can be used for beads, sequins, and small findings




#38. Rolling Craft Tote

This tote is a must-have for any crafter that’s on-the-go. It has large compartments for storing projects and large sheets of paper, and it even has small zippered and velcro pockets for crafting supplies. Since it can be carried or pushed like a cart, it’s perfect for those who take participate in classes or local crops.




#39. Big Magic

This book has been life-changing for me. From the writer of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert dives into the complicated mind of creatives, and shows how to achieve creative living beyond fear. For me, fear has always been a part of my creative process, so it was great to read a book which basically invites ‘fear’ alongside in the creative process. This book is truly magical and inspirational.



#40. Craft a Life You Love

This book is all about empowering you to ‘craft a life you love’ by infusing creativity in every single day. It recommends small changes that can be done every day to help find your flow and keep a positive mindset. Plus it’s also written by Amy Tangerine, who has built an empire from her creative businesses. #creativebossgoals



#41. Creative Lettering

This book is great for anyone who wants to learn creative lettering and typography. There are a ton of project ideas and exercises to learn script, spacing and alignment techniques. I love how the book shows you how to take words/phrases and turn them into pieces of art.



#42. A Book that Takes Its Time

I hate calling this a book, but it’s really more of a mindful experience that just happens to be in a book format. It’s absolutely stunning to look at, and it has all sorts of ‘goodies’ in it like mini-journals, stickers, and pages for collaging. It’s hard to explain the details of the book as you really just have to experience it yourself, but it has prompts to write in specific things, or there are little messages and quotes to remind you to slow down and be present. I haven’t completed the book yet, but that’s kind of the point. Take your time and enjoy the process of it!



#43. Craft a Day

This is a DIY book with lots of projects that could be done every day for 365 days of the year. There are so many cute projects in this ranging from magnets to cupcake toppers. Plus there are so many adorable themes like rainbows and foxes. Such a great gift for any crafter, but especially ones that like crafting with their kids.



Hopefully, this list is thorough enough for you to find a good gift for a scrapbooker, crafter, or card maker. If you still can’t decide, just go with a Michael’s gift card 😉

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