I cannot think of a cuter gift card holder than the Lawn Fawn Woodland Critter Huggers set. And if it weren’t already cute enough, they added a winter add-on collection. I’m really hoping that they add accessories for every season cause I cannot get enough of these little guys.

Now, just for clarification, this Critter Huggers set can make many animals. I chose to go with the fox, but you could do deer, raccoons, owls, squirrels, or chipmunks. I’ve even seen some people get super creative and use this set to make pigs, cows, tigers, alligators, and even unicorns! But I’ll have to try that project for another day!

Here’s a little video I did of all the pieces coming together. Pretty cool, huh?


The Fox’s Body


Using a die cutting machine, cut the pieces out for the main fox parts. I used the body, tail, tail tip, belly, face, eyes with lashes, cheeks, and nose/mouth. Feel free to pick any colors you prefer, but I recommend that the body and tail are one color. And that the face, belly, and tail tip are another color. Glue all these main fox pieces together, before moving onto the accessories.


Adding the Gift Card Pocket

lawn-fawn-stitched-gift-card-pocketI love that Lawn Fawn makes all of their sets compatible with one another. These critters line up exactly with the stitched gift card pocket (which can be placed in the front or back). I die cut the pocket and glued it onto the back and covered where the tail was attached.


Add Your Embellishments (Optional)


Feel free to embellish the accessories if you’d like. I glued some snowflake confetti to the mittens and some mini pom poms to the ear muffs (I’m showing the ear muffs from the back in case you wanted to see what they looked like without the poms poms).


Your Critter’s Accessories


To dress your fox up, pick out and die cut some accessories from the ‘add-on’ collection. I chose the scarf, mittens, ear muffs, and present.


One thing to note is that I recommend only gluing on the accessories that aren’t on the hands of your critter. (This is because in the next step we need to fold the arms, and you’ll want to place the hand items after that is done.)



Finishing it Off


Fold your critter’s arms in and glue the hands one on top of the other. You can tuck items under the arms, or even sandwich them between the hands like I’ve done here. Isn’t this soooo cute???


Place your desired gift card in the back pocket, and you can even slide in a sentiment card as well. I just traced and cut a piece of paper the same size as the gift card, and used some die cut letters to spell out ‘Merry Xmas!’

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